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As the internet has evolved and lives have become busier our “Point & Click currency to your door” methodology is the product of convenience. With state of the art identity verification & authentication our online process is smooth, easy and unbeatable. Imagine not leaving your home or office and your currency arrives within 24 to 48 hours to your doorstep, that is Sell Iraqi Dinar.


Regulatory compliance has changed dramatically in the financial industry over the past decade and requires a rigorous ongoing compliance program, which is implemented and executed on an ongoing basis.  SellIraqiDinar.com is committed to our compliance which meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations.


SellIraqiDinar.com’s commitment to mitigating financial crimes & money laundering is exemplified by its dedication to compliance which includes annual training to all employees, systems to detect suspicious activity, annual independent reviews (conducted by one of the top firms in America) and strict know your customer (KYC) policy’s.


SellIraqiDinar.com embraces the duty we have in the financial industry today, recognizing it’s the most challenging regulatory environment in decades and also understanding our responsibility to assist.


Jenny Salzar, CEO


"We have been an industry leader in the exotic currency exchange business for over 12 years. We offer the highest level of service and strive to meet every customer's expectations. We are proud after 12 years to still be the safest place to buy and sell Iraqi Dinar."


Community Recommend

Angie S.

“I was ready to experience some world-class customer service after enduring the Sterling fiasco, and you folks delivered! - THANK YOU!”

Luke M.

“I just wanted to say, this was the first time I have sold to your company and I am thoroughly pleased with the service.”

Michelle B.

“I received my Dinar a few minutes ago from Federal Express. Thanks for the follow-up notice of delivery.”


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